About Man Vs Nature

About Man Vs Nature

Your culture is broken. Your routine is broken. Your whole day is broken. Your evenings are broken. Your life has become one helluva hiatus of incisive breaks.

Fortunately your workplace provides you merely one break each day. however if you even consider enjoying your break you get mercilessly broken. If you favor to remain at home your existence gets broken.

The news channels carry on breaking their news until nothing remains. They even break the news of a heart broken wife overwhelmed by her booze broken husband. The entertainment channels break you tastelessly after you begin finding it palatable. The movie channels break you such a lot that you just surrender going any longer with it. The sports channels break even the live proceedings and permit such a lot break virus creep into the little screen that you just virtually want a google search to seek out your favorite players.

This burden of breaks is unquestionably obtaining oppressive and dangerous for the living planet. How so? Well, we have a tendency to cannot afford to require an occasion here. we have a tendency to continue relentlessly so you get the complete purpose while not it being broken.

It is said that nature retaliates when man commits follies on earth. Nature tries to convey messages or warnings initial. When these aren't heeded nature starts breaking out in full fury. Enough breaks are enough follies. Nature has already demonstrated that in a very myriad pattern everywhere the world.

In summer coldness creeps in owing to incessant rains. If you see the pattern in several elements of the world as well as India you'll notice that 100 percent to five hundredth of total seasonal rainfall get delivered in exactly few hours or in a very single day. afterward follows a protracted gap and however the deluge for one or 2 days. Floods, earthquakes, fires have acquired added force owing to the focused efforts. thus you sweat in winter, shiver in summer, swim in rainwater and despair of nature's unseasonal behavior. Deadly surprises lurk in each corner of your planet.

Yes, nature too has started breaking news and taking breaks. It breaks out furiously to interrupt for a protracted amount of rest.

Dare take a break?

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